Having Dutch blood in my veins also made me feel at home here…

My grandparents moved from the Netherlands to Canada after the second world war had ended. Come to think of it, they were probably the first real expats in our family. My Oma loved painting and seeing new places and whenever she was travelling she used to send me postcards from far away places. Everytime a new postcard came into the mailbox I remember finding myself drawn into a new world of excitement. Maybe I inherited my sense of adventure and creativity from her…

I discovered my passion quite early in life. As a kid I didn’t always play outside during recess but instead wanted to rehearse plays. I loved to dress up my cousins at Christmas, write a little script and make a play out of it for the rest of the family. My cousins probably hated it, me being all bossy when they fell out of character, but I still believe it was a great season for the world theatre 🙂

Moving to Amsterdam meant leaving behind my existing acting community, friends and family, and starting all over again. It meant going from the known to the unknown. I do believe we’re always more prepared than we think we are. Having Dutch blood in my veins also made me feel at home here. And to help me prepare for the unforeseen, I used to do improv training. Who knows what can happen in a play, in a scene, or in real life? Moving to Amsterdam has definitely made me more confident and ready for the unexpected.

And the search for adventure is always pulling me into new things. I’ve travelled to 11 countries in the last year and everytime I do I take some time to buy a postcard for my Oma, so she can still go on adventures with us a little bit.


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