I arrived in Amsterdam with just my suitcase, not knowing anyone…

I arrived in Amsterdam with just my suitcase, not knowing anyone, and I was very keen to meet new people and build a network. I had left my friends behind in London, looking for a challenge, so I thought “Go on! Put yourself out there”. Since I didn’t know anyone, I started by reaching out to virtual strangers; “Feel free to reach out if you ever want a coffee or a chat” I would say… but without much success, on to plan B.

My first stop was couch surfing, I used it to meet people for coffees and get advice about the city. My next plan of action was to get involved I signed up for MeetUp, where I found a group that sparked my interest, “The Dutch Language”. We met in cafés, practicing our Dutch with drinks, snacks and lots of laughter! I loved it so now I am one of the organisers, which is great fun.

Every time I go somewhere I try to take a different route. Amsterdam is perfect for it, with all the little side roads leading to different places and hidden gems. You have to be careful though, once I was on my bike and I hit straight into the person in front of me because I was  so busy admiring the gorgeous architecture.

After meeting new friends and learning a new language, I feel that Amsterdam has helped me appreciate my alone time much more. There’s a secret place that I’ll share with you, where 4 canals meet. But you will have to try and find it… it is near Geuzenkade, just north of de Klerkstraat, and there you can  sit and watch all the boats sail past in true tranquility.


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