My dream is to create a platform for young people…

For all young people who are not sure whether to travel or go to university in another country; don’t hesitate, just go and do it! When I left Colombia 10 years ago I had no idea I would end up in Amsterdam or that I would get addicted to travelling and experiencing other cultures. First I moved to the UK with my sister to study, where I ended up staying for 8 years. I found a job as a waitress and could combine study and work whilst having a great time with other travellers and expats! When I felt the urge to go on an adventure again, I moved to Madrid for 2 years where I studied marketing and made a bunch of new friends.

It has not always been easy though, being from Colombia has meant that getting a visa isn’t done overnight. It took me 1,5 years to finally get my visa for the Netherlands and before finally getting it I had to do a cultural, reading and speech test. Luckily I do know now who the king and queen are 😉

My dream is to create a platform for young people where they can find more information and inspiration about travelling abroad and how to study in other countries. Back home the educational system is very expensive and I feel that the challenges people see when they think of studying abroad can be easily overcome if they are shown what they need to do, where they can get support and learn how amazing it is to live in other countries.

For me, Amsterdam is the perfect blend of different cultures, the abundance of history, the open mindedness and feeling of complete safety when walking the streets. My travels have furthermore helped me grow as a person and made me more tolerant. It’s easier now for me to approach strange people, which definitely helps in a new country like the Netherlands. Would I go on another adventure? Yes always, but not right now; I can really see myself settling down here for a while and not just because I have a Dutch boyfriend or that I love haring! 😉



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