The Dutch do not see pregnancy as an illness but rather a natural process of life…

A month after moving to Amsterdam I discovered I was pregnant. I quickly started researching having a child here and how the Dutch deal with pregnancy. I learned that a large percentage of women have homebirths but I knew that was not how I envisaged giving birth!

The Dutch do not see pregnancy as an illness but rather a natural process of life. I hadn’t realised that mentality differs so much from back home where it is treated as a big deal medically. They are so relaxed. Compared to France, less appointments & fuss. This approach has made me quite relaxed about the entire experience which I never anticipated, Although, you do have to leave the hospital after 5 hours or so of giving birth in Holland providing all is well which I find daunting! Thankfully they do provide a maternity nurse that comes everyday for over a week to”…for over a week to help you take care of the newborn and settle into the routine of being with the baby.

I also never thought that I would be cycling while pregnant. In France I would never have dreamed of it & now at 8 ½ months pregnant I find it the most comfortable mode of transport.

Experiencing pregnancy here has shown me there are so many different ways of thinking and doing things & there is no one right way. It causes you to not focus so much on the little things and opens your mind.I feel that I’ve been given a chance to experience two different lives in Amsterdam, my “pre” baby life which I’ve loved and the new “with” baby chapter which is about to begin. I’m excited to start the next phase of my life here in Amsterdam as a mum.


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