I didn’t get any call backs within the first week…

India’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. One of the best examples to show this, is that when you are looking for a job, after sending your applications you will definitely get several callbacks within a week. Finding a well paying job in India is not a challenge. So when I arrived here with my husband, leaving my cushy job back home, I hoped to find one relatively quickly… I didn’t get any call backs within the first week. That’s when I got somewhat restless. After week two, I started to panic a little bit, but thankfully by the end of week three I started to get a few interview calls. Don’t worry too much. It comes when it will come!

The best part of living here is that it’s so liberating. Everything is sort of planned back home. It’s like a cookie cutter. There are so many expectations of how things should be. People tell you that you have to be educated and graduated by a certain age and married with kids by another age. You are actually judged based on these things, either by family, friends or strangers. It’s a completely different mindset back in India and you need to be a strong person if you don’t want to comply with it.

Life is so different here in Holland. People do the things they love, and you are not judged for not doing the things you’re ‘supposed to do’. I’m not saying people don’t have ambition here, but life is much more relaxed; people know how to make the most out of life. I don’t need to sugarcoat everything or be considered as ‘rude’. In fact, people actually appreciate it if you are direct. I can be myself. It feels like I am living a dream and I’m loving it!


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