I moved from Ireland and I was shocked to discover that it rains even more here!

I moved from Ireland to this lovely city and I was shocked to discover that it rains even more here! I didn’t think it was possible to move to a country that rained more than Ireland!  However, it doesn’t seem to stop the Dutch on their bikes… it is like they don’t even notice the rain.

I was very happy to find a job that I love in Amsterdam.  My company has quite a Dutch name, Hunkemoller, and my mother still hasn’t mastered how to pronounce it. According to her, I work for a company called ‘Hunky Monkey’ or on other days, “Holy Moly”. Understandably; as the Dutch language can be a little tricky.

The unusual thing about this city is that everything can be resolved with Facebook. I found my home, friends, gigs and exercise group on it. Every Wednesday I go for a run with the Expat group and we end our workout with a well-deserved beer. It’s a nice way to socialize and meet new people.

I came here, like so many others, with just my suitcase, but I’ve never been lonely because everyone is so friendly. Never in my life have I had so many random conversations on public transport with friendly locals and other Expats as I do here. I’ve also thrown myself into the dating world through Tinder. I’ve been on a few dates now, and they have all been with interesting Expats…  a cycle around the city or Vondelpark is a fun first date in Amsterdam.


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