I had two options; stay in London, or follow my heart and move to Amsterdam…

I was living in London when I first came to Amsterdam for a weekend. I rented a houseboat together with my best friend. Needless to say, it was amazing; I immediately fell in love with the city. But the city wasn’t the only thing I fell for; I was chatting to a Dutch guy online.  We had only chatted online but the chemistry was addictive. One month later I flew back over and we began a long distance relationship. After a year and a half, my working visa was due for renewal. I had two options; stay in London, or follow my heart and move to Amsterdam. Of course I choose the latter, which meant flying back to New Zealand to start the visa process. It was a massive risk as I wasn’t guaranteed a visa, but he was worth it!  

After moving to Amsterdam I had to begin my career over. I came across an advert on Facebook saying, “Want to get paid while you explore the city?”… and I thought, “wow, who doesn’t want to do that?”  A year and a half later I’m still working for the same company and every day I’m exploring the city; I know it like the back of my hand.  It oozes creativity, style, architecture, openness and artistic flow.  I love how boutiques and independent artists are still thriving. There is an opportunity waiting here for everybody.    


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