I wanted to get the hell out of New Zealand…

I wanted to get the hell out of New Zealand. My partner provided me that opportunity when he was offered a job in Australia and so we moved our lives to Melbourne. I was happy there but it wasn’t quite different enough from home. So we decided to move to Scotland so my partner could pursue his love of bagpipes and playing in a pipe band. Scotland was great but also not my cup of tea. When another job opportunity arose for my partner here in Amsterdam, I was hesitant as I didn’t know if I would be able to find work utilising only English but was pleasantly surprised that it was possible. Right now, I cannot even think about being anywhere else. We hope to stay here a while. Honestly, it’s exhausting moving countries so often.

The Dutch language is very difficult for me. I’ve had a few mishaps in the stores. One was particularly embarrassing. I had a headache, left work and popped down to the store to buy paracetamol. When I returned to work I opened the box and was surprised by very large pills. I then began to ask my colleagues why they were so large when one started laughing and said they were suppositories.


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