When I asked my wife where she wanted to go, she said “How about Amsterdam?”…

After living in Germany for two years I was ready to move to a sunny place, when I asked my wife where she wanted to go, she said “How about Amsterdam?”. It wasn’t what I had in mind, but I was up for the challenge.

I lost count of how many times me and my wife drove back and forth from Frankfurt. But driving four hours every weekend was still cheaper than paying for a mover, so we did that for two months – cat included.

Even though I still miss the blue Portugal skies, Amsterdam has been kind to us. We have a better work-life balance and a flexibility that we haven’t had in other countries. The best thing is the way people are not only welcoming but are curious about my culture and keen to get to know me better.

Being away from home has made me miss the food I grew up with so I decided to try cooking at home. It turns out I love to cook and I’m actually good at it! It’s nice to eat something you have made and when I eat a homemade cabbage soup with chorizo and bread, I feel like I’m back at home for a moment.


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