You spend more time thinking about decisions …

I have the “we are the people of the world” philosophy. I believe that living abroad makes us richer. Thus, my husband being transferred here was exciting.

You can never be fully prepared for what it will really be like in a new place. You are never prepared for what you expect. You have some culture shock, you should get used to a new neighbourhood, your daily rhythm is changed and you have to create a new one. We are lucky to have a few good friends here that I knew from back home in Serbia, it made the adjustment easier and quicker.

You learn a lot about yourself when you move. You spend more time thinking about decisions that are to be made, along with that, you dive deeper into your personality. For example I knew that my husband and I love each other but when we moved here, I really saw how much. We learned how strong we are both together and individually.

I enjoy the multicultural mess here in Amsterdam. It all functions here. Foreigners are very welcome and you can easily move around. I connected with a great international group of women through a Dutch course so it put me into real “expat life” in Amsterdam.

I experience the Dutch as very polite, sometimes their directness can be found strange but I enjoy learning about this so called different behaviour.


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