I think I’m going to be very happy as an Amsterdog!

I spent the first year of my life in California, where I was raised by Guide Dogs of America to be a seeing eye dog. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite cut it as a guide dog, so I was “career reassigned.” (Otherwise known as “Fired”). Shortly after my first birthday, I flew (first class, obviously) to meet my new forever family in Atlanta.

Fast forward to late 2017, and my dad says we’re leaving our big yard in Atlanta behind, for a small yard in Amsterdam. What gives? They didn’t ask my opinion, but mom and dad packed us up and off we went.

I got to ride in the airplane RIGHT NEXT TO MY PARENTS! I was very happy and didn’t bark once because I knew I was lucky to ride with the humans. I did have a little tummy trouble in the airports (fortunately, my parents came prepared with cleaning supplies!) but I was a perfect angel on the plane! I especially liked it when the flight attendants fawned all over me and gave me ice cubes.

IT’S SO DIFFERENT HERE! Different smells, different sounds, different dogs, different humans. I’m still getting used to everything. My favorite spot so far is Vondelpark. Dogs don’t have to wear leashes!! Sometimes my parents bring a ball along. I’m a world champion fetcher (although, like a typical only child, I don’t like to give the ball up). I like to run around and meet other dogs, and birds! I LOVE birds! A few weeks ago, I chased some birds straight into a pond! I was exceedingly pleased with myself, but mom did not share my enthusiasm. I also like to go shopping, which is something I never got to do in Atlanta! Sometimes I also wait (im)patiently in the front of the grocery store while my parents go food shopping.

I’m still getting used to all the bikes in Amsterdam. When we cross the street, you have to look once for cars and then again for bikes. I haven’t quite mastered it yet, but I’m getting better. I think I’m going to be very happy as an Amsterdog! And I love meeting new people, so if you see me out on the street, please come say hi!


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