It was an interesting experience, almost like living underwater…

I lived in a houseboat for two weeks. I was there when Sinterklaas came to town, there were boats basically glued to the side of the houseboat I was living in! It was an interesting experience, almost like living underwater, the water level was at bed height so you could hear the water when you slept. 

 The way the Dutch use their bikes is like a second pair of legs, it is almost a part of them. I feel like I am too old to learn the habit. In Paris it is a certain type of person that rides a bike, someone that takes a stand for the environment or someone that is a hipster, it has a connotation; here it is the same as people who drive cars in Paris. Everyone is on a bike and you never know what their mind set is, it can be unpredictable. 

I am waiting for the day that I can wake up and speak Dutch. I am learning Dutch but it is difficult because people switch to English so quickly you don’t have to challenge yourself to speak the language.

I thought I would get tired of this place; I need to live in places that are beautiful here all the time. 


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