When I moved to Amsterdam I found out I was a criminal…

When I moved to Amsterdam I found out I was a criminal. When I arrived I went to the Town Hall to register my residence. Not long after this I received a letter with the Gemeente logo on it so I assumed it was about by registration in the local area. 

When I opened the letter it was in Dutch, all I could understand was a date and a time. I thought it was the date and time that someone from the Town Hall was going to come by and verify my address. I showed my Dutch speaking work mate the letter to check exactly what it was about and he started laughing.

When he finally calmed down he told me that I was a criminal and that the letter was explaining that I had committed a crime by placing my bag of rubbish on the street on the wrong day. Someone had come past and found my details somewhere in or around the rubbish bag and now I am expecting a fine. I guess in a weird way it makes you feel safe that this is something they monitor in Amsterdam. 


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