It’s unique that the whole city comes together…

One thing that surprised me when I moved was that you could get around without knowing any Dutch. You come to know the pleasantries but it surprised me that everyone knows English, young and old, from people cleaning the streets to shop keepers.

When I decided to move I thought about how I was going to create my own friends and life here. I used Meet Up as a way to get to know people. Four years on, I still go to events and continue to meet new and interesting people. I also started to follow local bloggers like Amsterdam Foodie to keep up with what’s happening in Amsterdam.

One event that I think is really exceptional here is Kings Day, it is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s unique that the whole city comes together to celebrate and everything comes to a stand still. It is an important part of local culture to teach children about trading as that is what made the country great in the first place.


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